TCDC is recognized as an "intermediary" organization that connects faith & community resources, services and funding as well as a "service provider" offering a variety of programs that have a wide outreach to our community in Phoenix, AZ and it's surrounding cities. Our Programs and information can be seen below, for more information follow the "Program Title Link."


TCDC partners with Magellan Health Services to lower the occurrence of substance abuse and suicide among African-Americans. The program entails assessing the needs of the African-American community as it pertains to substance abuse and suicide, assessing the resources of the community, and bringing likeminded community members together to utilize local resources to foster awareness and prevention.

Seasoned Generation Program

Through our Family Resource Center established in 2011, seniors residing in South Phoenix can now have access to information, resources, counselling, programs and service referrals appropriate for their needs. The fastest growing segment of the senior population we serve is Grandparents raising grandchildren or seniors involved in kinship-care relationships. This unique constituency of seniors requires a unique approach to care and service coordination that would include both the senior and the child under their care. Family counselling and parenting advocacy training are essential components of the care coordination process. Through a partnership with Tanner Properties, Inc, Tanner Community Development Corporation currently works with Grand-families residing in Grand-families Place located in South Phoenix. This is a Tax Credit affordable housing facility specifically designed to accommodate Grandparents raising grandchildren. The facility accommodates 55 Grand-families.

Family First

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a "Parent as Teacher" program that provides support services to parents of birth through 3rd grade children. ECD educates parents (including teen parents) on child development, behavior modification, health & safety, and effectively managing educational choices.

Family Resource Center

TCDC Family Resource Center's (FRC) mission is to embed into the community greater access to resources, programs, services to support schools and families residing in underserved communities. TCDC is committed to promoting synergy and building community relationships to broaden family outreach and support.

Harmony Project Phoenix

Harmony Project is a research-based multi-year mentoring program for low-income youth that uses music as a means of positive development and social inclusion.
Tanner Community Development Corporation (TCDC) is joining forces with Harmony Project to reach out to the families and communities of some remarkable young people in Phoenix.

Transportation Program